This summer has been so fucking cold. I seen a woman in hat and scarf yesterday because it’s so damn cold. I’m damn cold.

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I have a bunch of 30% off coupons for nike for friends and family day at work. But no one has kept in touch with me :(

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My 3 good up friends have boyfriends, so no one wants to hang out with me.

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I did it!!! I got through 11 and a half hours of work today between two jobs. At $11 an hour, it was worth it.

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Lol my sister has tumblr bry-mc

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Anonymous said: Thanks so much for the reply! And encouragement - haha its soo nerve wracking waiting for that 'call' haha. Surprisingly the stores over here in London majority of the employees (both sexes) are black or non white. Well i find out this week, Hopefully, fingers crossed Thanks again!

Please let me know if you get the job, I’m actually really excited for you ^.^

And if they don’t call the week of don’t worry. They said they’d call the following Wednesday for me, but didn’t call till two weeks later!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said: Were you confident that u had gotten the job after your second round of interview? Ive had a one - one interview here in London, i think it went well butttt sometimes you really cant tell, Congrats btw!

Thank you :)

For the interview it was a group interview and I was the only black girl there. (Not trying to make race the main focus, but It’s the one thing that was On my mind. The store only had white girls and every race of guys). I was just me, that’s all I can say. I wasn’t confident that I had gotten the job, but when the manager called I was overwhelmed with joy! If you think it went well, it probably did :) just keep your hopes up, I’m proud you got an interview because I applied 3 times before I got mine :p

I also work at the Halton Hills location :)

I really hope you get the job! It is a great working experience :)